The teddy bears arrived – they’re gorgeous :) I say thank you but I don’t say goodbye….. because it’s good to keep up good practices :)

The owl is fantastic :) Zuzia just got it today and she’s super happy :) Her face when she took the owl out of the bag – priceless :)

Iga spends all her time with her caterpillar. The caterpillar participates in every game, all the dolls ride it… I absolutely had to show her your website. We found your picture somewhere and Iga said, “This Ms. Maja is cool…” and then went on to bother the caterpillar again. Thank you once again for the joy you gave our child.

I want to say thank you again! Holidays were extraordinary thanks to the monsters!!! :-)!


I’m impressed! No words. The reaction to the dog was tears, tons of tears of joy and the words He’s too beautiful!!! I love him, I will never leave him!! I’m sending pictures of the first reaction and the moment right afterwards. Nothing to add. Once again we’re sending a huge thank you and big hugs for you. You Are Great!!! And too beautiful in the language of a 5-year-old means that it couldn’t be more beautiful, it exceeded the expectations of the young lady 😀

It arrived!!! It’s marvelous!!! Thank you! It will be hard for me to wait until Saint Nicholas Day, because The Little One is probably going to lose his mind from joy. And the heart on the butt! Pure cuteness!

Witek was amazed by the plushie, he couldn’t believe his eyes, and also the tag….

Today Maja delivered the plushie to me and it’s super awesome! (…) all of you should order.

The plushie became The Young One’s favorite toy, it even dethroned Lizard who held the title of “the best” until now. Miki sleeps with his dog and tells everyone that he drew it himself 😀 Thank you very much for the beautiful toy, it’s going to be a keepsake for many years. 😀

“Mom” is amaaaaaaaaaazing! :) Malina takes the toy with her even when she goes to brush her teeth :) She compared every detail of the doll with the picture and was astonished that everything was the same. She was amazed by the earrings – that you made real ones :)

P.S. It is very clear that you love your work :)

We are amazed by the results :) The stains on the cheek from the leaky marker are our favorite :) they’re perfect 😉

The plushie arrived and I am amazed by it! Thank you very much.
Emilka was speechless and so were her parents. Really excellent work. I didn’t think you would manage to capture so many details. I hope this is not the last project I will order from you.

I want to let you know that the Luckies made for my Babies are bravely handling family trips and summer camps, they simply go everywhere with the kids!!! P.s. You are awesome. I commend your awesome ability to empathize with the world of children’s imagination…’s enviable!!! :))))

I need to add that all you could hear was -Wow, Mom, look! Wow, I’m going to take it to the scout camp! And I’m going to take it to the summer camp! I’m going to sleep with it! It’s so beautiful!!!!….. there was no end to these exclamations. We ourselves were amazed by it. Thank you so much. For the emotions, for the happiness on the faces of our Kids, for their joy. Ms. Maja, I think you will hear from me many more times;)

The gift from the Easter Bunny swept me off my feet. I can’t imagine anything else that would impress me this much. I mean the entire heart that my Olek put into creating my portrait and you converting it into 3D format perfectly. It’s incredible. My son is not the biggest fan of drawing, so I was all the more shocked 😀 Thank you so much for this initiative and idea! I wish you lots of orders and even more amazed moms. I’m definitely going to recommend you. Thank you very much and lots of love. Priceless gift!

Ola is very happy with the skunk – she sleeps with him:-) As soon as she saw him, she snuggled him right away:-) She likes him very much:-) Thank you very much once again, and we’re definitely going to recommend your extraordinary business:-)

Aayala is amazing as far as I’m concerned – I’m waiting for Mati’s reaction but I have a feeling that this year Santa Claus will be praised loudly and at length!!! Congratulations on your masterpiece and thank you for your quick response regarding the package. I’m going to recommend you.

The package arrived, the plushies are marvelous!!!

I have to admit that the contents of the package shocked me! It’s fantastic :)) Pictures on the internet don’t fully show how great a live plushie is (and now language specialists can act like know-it-alls about oxymorons)

The plushies arrived, I opened the box and I can’t believe my eyes, THEY’RE PERFECT, AMAZING, exactly what my kids wished for, I have no words to describe these masterpieces!!!!!! Thank you so much.

The joy goes on and on, the nicest moments in life are these children’s smiles, Tosia wrapped the bunny in a yellow fabric and said he’s going to sleep with her :)) and that they will never be apart. Mikołaj walks around spellbound and still can’t believe that his bunny with a carrot turned real:) they’re both as amazed as I was when I gave birth to them :) I wish you, myself and other parents that your business will exist until the end of the world and one day longer.